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Fixed now for me thank you.

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I am not seeing this as fixed. Used Safari (preferred) and Chrome. Cleared all cookies and cache and used Chrome with and without incognito mode. Each time I complete a topic in the training and then “return to hazardous weather training” (top left), when I return to the training and click “continue where left off” it shows that none of the topics are completed. I was able to get the progress to 98% in Safari and then when I cleared all cookies and cache all browsers reverted back to 90% on the main training page and when entering the course none of the topics are reflected as completed.

Safari - iOS, iPadOS, or MacOS?

Can’t diagnose problems without specifics. If iOS what model iPhone?

I hate to say it but you will probably have to start over. I know I’ve done the initial quiz so many times now I think I could do it with my eyes closed. lol

All of my attempts have been on MacOs.

I assumed that I may have to start the course over again but as previously indicated when I make progress with completing some items and then return to the course it’s not remembering progress and I have to start over again as if the entire course has to be completed in one, uninterrupted sitting which I don’t particularly care to test given what has been seen so far.

If you are using Incognito Mode in Chrome, it will not remember because Incognito mode does not write cookies or cache. So, yes, you’d need to complete in one sitting.

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kind of ready to give up here… As previously indicated I’ve done the following

  1. Safari - clear cookies and cache. begin training and complete one topic. leave the course and return and progress is not kept.
  2. Chrome - clear cookies and cache. begin training and complete one topic. leave the course and return and progress is not kept.
  3. Chrome (incognito) - clear cookies and cache. begin training and complete one topic. leave the course and return and progress is not kept.

Are these courses provided via third party Docebo? If so, perhaps more thorough review on the back end can be done to determine if a known issue is causing this to happen? Solution for Issues resulting from HTTPS Certificates | Community The details of what has been done never seem to be communicated so I can’t assume whether attempted fixes are thorough but they sure feel like small changes and then the issue is pushed back to end users to jump through hoops to troubleshoot. Thanks for any effort to resolve. This can be marked “solved” if necessary but I’m sure that recurring reports will show otherwise.

I am experiencing a similar problem; however, my problem is with part 5, Hail.

I have attempted to complete module SCO_800 in Brave, Chrome, Edge, IE, and Opera and the same issue happens with not getting credited with having completed the Hail portion of this module. I have tried the cookie clearing, the incognito windows, purging the cache, etc …

I need this training to become the assistant den leader for my sons den.

What I have been having to do is contact the council to have them force finish the training for those people that have not been able to finish. I would suggest going to your DE and tell them what is happening and that it has been a known issue.


We have been monitoring the situation and a new version has been uploaded 30 minutes ago. For some reason the automatic bookmark triggers where erratic and we have added scripts that will force bookmarking completions for the various topics when exiting the last slide for each topic and being returned to the menu.

FYI - Councils DO NOT have the ability themselves to mark any online learning complete. That can only be done at our level.


I think what people are recommending really ends up being that locally a person is marking the in person training compete, even though they mean to give the person credit for online training that had issues.

More likely my council is forwarding the request up the chain to have it marked off by the appropriate person. Since we have no direct contacts with individuals beyond the local council that is the way it has to be.

This course and others like YPT are set in my.scouting not to allow manual entries for completion except through Scouting U.

I have seen mark offs for the in person YPT when they had an issue with the online version. That was December of last year.


I am still experiencing problems. Please provide guidance on the browser, cookie settings, etc … that you recommend to complete this module. I got through the hail module once but the congratulations end course failed to play and left me hanging again…

Course should be run on latest version of chrome or edge. Clear your cache to ensure the browser has no remaining info from previous attempts.

I have tried both a PC and IPad to complete the hazardous weather training. It is not very well done. As far as an online module goes, it is embarrassing. It is clearly not 508 compliant. That aside, I cannot get past the “what goes in your backpack for a summer outing” because there is no option to move forward. When I went to another device it made me start the whole thing over. I’m on my fourth attempt now. Please fix this.

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Hey Todd, try putting some other things in your backpack, I bet there is something that you personally wouldnt take that is considered acceptable. Once you find everything that slide will progress without having a continue button.

TIm, I tried Chrome and Edge with cache and cookies (everything cleared) and in both cases the module hangs after I complete Hurricanes. Please see the attached screen shot. This is a big improvement over gettings stuck at hail, but something is still wrong.

Thanks john - don’t know what is happening as in all of the tests we cannot replicate - I will mark it complete in system for you. Thank you for retrying and the feedback - we will continue to monitor.