Cub Scout Missing in Pack Roster

A cub scout who previously was listed in the pack has dropped off of scoutbook. He is still shown as a member in the pack roster at

check My Account > My Connections > do you see scout there? you can adjust membership

Thanks for helping Donavan

The scout does not show up in my account/my connections. He doesn’t seem to exist in Scoutbook anymore although he is still a member of the pack in

If you post the scout’s bsa member number here, we can look them up. No name is needed.

Thank you Jacob. His ID is 133779785.

I have requested his membership be synced from Akela. This happens overnight so check tomorrow. He will need to be placed back in the proper den once he is back on your Scoutbook roster.

Thank you. Any idea why or how this happened?

I don’t and the Scout did not come back in to the pack this morning. I’ll need to ask BSA IT to investigate.

Thanks for checking Ed. I looked in Scoutbook just now and he still isn’t showing up. Have you heard anything back from BSA IT.


I have not heard anything. I will have to ask again.

Hello Ed

I check this morning and everything appears to be back to normal. Even had him assigned to the right den.

Thanks for your help!


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