Unable to create account for Parent

When I am adding a Parent to a scouts connection I am getting an error saying the name already exsits. I have looked and I do not see it.


@TeranceLindof - did the search present a name as it states review the results above…

@TeranceLindof It is better for adults to create accounts for themselves at my.Scouting. Many already have a BSA member ID number, and they just need to connect to it.

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I have searched and I do not find any results.


This parent has never had a scouting profile. They are also not interested in creating one that just want to get Pack notifications


The system does not work that way. In order for a parent to receive e-mail from Scoutbook they need a Scoutbook account which is now tied to a my.scouting.org ID. As Jennifer said, the most reliable way for the Scoutbook account to be created is by the parent going to my.scouting.org and creating an account.


I believe that’s just a warning and you can continue once you’ve confirmed they don’t have an account already. Is there a reason to think they do? For example, did they complete an online application for their scout? Or do they already have an older scout in the program?

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