Parent cannot access Scout's account in Scoutbook

I had a Scout show up twice in Scoutbook out of the blue. One of her member numbers had no advancement/no parent connection, so I removed it from the troop by setting the membership ending date and it is no longer visible.

Mom said she still cannot access the correct account. I tried to help them recover the account by using the username lookup feature - I tried both the scout’s Scoutbook ID number and BSA ID number (140716910) with her correct birthday and both attempts said there is no scout with this account number and said I needed to reach out to our local council for assistance. (I did, and still haven’t heard back). Everything looks fine in IA. There was no duplicate scout there.

Anything more I can do while I wait to hear from Council?

@KatieBurgoon It looks like when the Scout or Scout’s parent created the my.Scouting username for the Scout, they used a year of birth that is different by 2 years, so the automated system did not find a match and created a new BSA member ID number for the Scout.

I would recommend having the Scout / Scout’s parent log in at my.Scouting and check the Scout’s date of birth. If the date of birth is wrong, please contact your local council to get it corrected. I have merged the Scout’s Scoutbook accounts.

It looks like the parent has been logging in to my.Scouting. In order to log in to Scoutbook, she should log in at the following url:

and use the same credentials (username and password).

Thank you, Jennifer! I appreciate the help.

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