Issue with Scout and their Account

Scout BSA #136542817

This scout never set up their account correctly. The parent sent the invitation but it was years ago and when the scout tried to click on it recently, it goes to

Is there a way for this scout to create an account?


I removed her email address. Have the parents try inviting her again under edit extended info.

When the parent clicks on “edit extended information” there is nothing there…it just says “please use edit profile to edits scout information” there is no button to invite the scout to connect. I had the parent show me. She has 2 others scouts as well that are connected correctly. Please advise

Have the scout create an account at It is very important that they use the exact same spelling, including middle name, and date of birth as they are registered with. This should allow they to recover their bsa member number. Once created, they can log into scoutbook and that should be it.


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