Scout book not linked to my identified units

Used to work just fine. Until I multiple registered with a unit in a different council. shows me in two different units. No information is linked to anything in scout book for either of the two units. Spoke to two different council registrars and neither one has been able to help so far. For me, scout is now totally useless.

For Adults there are basically 2 ways to solve - keep one SB User and have the secondary unit search for you and add you to their unit - or - have 2 SB Users - one for each BSA# - then use manage member ID to switch Primary back and forth to sign into the different Users

Thank you for your input. But neither one of those is an issue. The problem is that I have no scalp book units. Nothing shows up. I have a generic homepage not specific to any units. My does in fact show me having activities in both units, but nothing is linked in scout.

Bob Beaudine

no @BobBeaudine that is the issue - if you go to > go to Manage Member ID and make 140827705 to primary then log into Scoutbook you will see

Thank you. It worked.
It looks like our primary registration may now be in the greater Alabama council and that we are multiple back to the Ventura county Council. Although everything seems to be working as far as what I can do in the units, I’m not sure that this isn’t going to cause a problem Come registration time. We were supposed to be primary inventory County Council, and multiple into greater Alabama council…
It may not matter at all. I guess I’ll find out when it comes reregistration time
Thank you.

Bob Beaudine

Well what happened is your accounts merged and made a second one with less in it - in the morning the other one will have all the positions from that scout council.

Thank you again.

Bob Beaudine

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