New Leader unable to access Scoutbook

Hello, I have a new adult leader who was previously able to access Scoutbook as a parent, logging in with her Google credentials. She recently has taken the role of Treasurer for our pack and has been assigned to that role in our Roster, however she now has issues logging into to Scoutbook. She’s attempted to complete a password reset and is receiving the message that her e-mail address cannot be found. We’ve also attempted to use her SB User ID (12328918) to reset the password and she’s not received any e-mail from that as well.

We could use some guidance on how to resolve this issue. Thank you!

@StephanieMorris1 is she using the user name [firstinitial][lastname]1 ?

@StephanieMorris1 Is she trying to reset her password at my.scouting using the chatbot (“Betty”)?

Hi Jennifer, she’s on the log in page and selecting reset password. Should she do this on the my.scouting login page?

Hi Donovan! She’s said that she has always logged in with her Google credentials so didn’t know what her username would be…should I have her try the password reset with [first initial][last name]?

Yes, she needs to reset her password at my.scouting using the chatbot (“Betty”).

When she gets asked if she knows her security questions, she can say “No” to bypass.

Hello Jennifer. This leader has gone through the steps to reset password with Betty and has answered the questions, however she is still getting the message that her gmail address is not associated with any current account. Is there any other path we can take to get her access restored?

@StephanieMorris1 I would recommend that you or she contact the local council. They can do a direct password reset.

I’ve sent you a private message.

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