Scout can't access unit forum

She can log into Scoutbook and is over 13. I read in another post about a method of going into IA2 and clicking on the forum link and clicking sync. I don’t see the sync.

Any thoughts?

@Matt.Johnson - while in IA and on that unit, click the gear, click settings, then scroll down and look on the right. Look for a line that says go to private forum. All the way to the right is a right > click on that. It should present an orange text to sync unit members.

It seems like every time I visit this it resets to “Enable Private Unit Forum”. The forum, though, stays intact. I click on it and then click “ok” to enable it. It then goes to an error page " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private." I can then go back to IA2 and click go to the forum. I get the error again, but I don’t have to “create” it this time. I can click on “Scouting Forums” and get to the forum. I never get the option to sync. I can grab screen shots if that helps.

@Matt.Johnson - screen shots may help. How many different browsers do you have on what ever device you are using ? If you are on one browser in scoutbook, try another to go direct to internet advancement to see if that error shows up.

Great idea!

I used IE11. I still got only the link to create the forum, but once I did that, the orange text to sync came up. I did not get that text in Chrome or Chrome in private browsing mode.

So, fixed for now? Not sure about the sync not showing up in Chrome, nor the constant request to create the forum. Also, in IE11, I still get the error " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."

@Matt.Johnson - certainly can not assure that it is fixed. The Oops error is a bit concerning though. I know personally I do not use IE except in very rare cases.

Yeah, I was jumping to the conclusion about getting the orange link!

I guess there are a few different symptoms, not sure of the root cause

  • Keeps thinking I don’t yet have a forum (I had one carry over from the old system if that matters). This is true in ie11 and Chrome and Chrome Private Browsing mode
  • Only in ie11 does it show the link
  • In both browsers it goes to the bad link page
  • The original fact that the Scout didn’t have access without clicking the sync that isn’t supposed to be necessary.


@Matt.Johnson Could you send an email to Include your bsa member number, council/unit info, and any other key details. Then post the ticket number back here. I’ve reported some of that to the developers recently, but I can add your info to it, also.

@Matt.Johnson - I would also include details of those who can not access the forum as well.

Ticket # SSD-91677

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Any word on this bug report? They have not responded other than the ticket was entered.

@Matt.Johnson They have begun investigating the issue, but I do not know what it will be fixed.

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Any word on the access issues? I haven’t heard anything from support.

It is still open. Ed is following up with those who handle the forums.

Thank you so much! I hate to go much further with integrating the forum until this known issue is figured out.

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Any update? My ticket has been in since 12/26.