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When accessing the troop forum option from Scoutbook, it looks as though its not automatically logging the user in. This generates an error message. However when I stay on the error page and log in, close the tab, re-enter the troop forum from scoutbook - the connection works.

Not sure if that is a long term solution or temporary but I thought I would share. For a while I thought this was a maintenance glitch.

Thanks for the workaround- didnt work for me, but pleased to know someone else is encountering the issue… :slight_smile:

From Scoutbook, click Internet Advancement > hamburger/3 vertical lines > settings > settings > enable private unit forum.

Hi Jacob, from hamburger- I have 3 options: logout, go to my dash, go to my scouts dash. Poked around, cannot find a settings option. When I click on my troop forum, it takes me to this website. Any guidance appreciated.

What is your position within your troop?

It sounds like you are in Scoutbook, not Internet Advancement. Click home, then Internet Advancement, then follow the instructions. You have to be a key 3, key 3 delegate, or advancement chair to get to Internet Advancement.

Y- In scoutbook. As a parent, I had access to the troop forum. Now, with admin, privileges, its gone. I am parent liaison & merit counselor. Im not trying to get to internet advancement. Im trying to get to the unit forum.

Understood, but the setting to turn it on is in Internet Advancement.

Are you saying you had access to this troop forum previously or that you had access to the legacy troop forums?

Before my admin access was turned on, I had access to the troop forum.
Scroll to troop forum, and it stayed IN scoutbook, and we had a little chat space.
Now … not so much :). same link takes me OUT of scoutbook to
So if i am understanding you, I have to find ‘internet advancement’ on THIS, 2nd website, and reset my permissions there?

Teresa, try going to the top of the forums here and click on:

  1. “Scouting Forums”
  2. “Categories”

If your troop’s forum has been activated here, then you should see it at the top of the Category list.

@TeresaMoeller, the link you provided is to the Troop Forum for Troop 88 in the San Francisco Bay Area Council. Is that not your Troop? If that is the correct forum, then there si nothing else you need to do.

why’re we talking about Internet Advancement?
is there not the private Troop Forum under one of the Scouting Forum categories?
I didn’t recall any need to “activate” that through IA. am I missing something here? I like the new Scouting Forum. however, for the purposes of serving as a private Forum on a unit level, that’s a bit complicate for some/most parents comparing to the old format (you only need to switch a button to scribe to it and start receiving notifications for anything new from there). Scoutbook should consider keeping the private Troop Forum setting within Scoutbook.

The new forums ( help resources appear to be at “Help with BSA forums” - That has general information on using the new forums.

The knowledge base page with information about turning on unit forums is at

Scoutbook LIte/Internet Advancement 2.0 is apparently now labelled “Internet Advancement” at

BSA also appears to be adding new online service products under the internet domain, for example,, the new help desk ticket management service.

The private troop forum is not automatically activated for units that did not use the old troop forum. The switch to activate it is in the new Internet Advancement.

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