Scout can't find parent account to add connection

I have a new scout and was able to add her mom as a connection with no problem. However, when I go to add a connection and I search for her dad by name, the account that appears from the search is the wrong person. When I search by email address nothing is found. We tried to connect his scout through his Scoutbook account, but he got an error message when searching for her (scouts.errors.undefined). I’m open to suggestions. Thanks!

Please provide the dad and the scout’s bsa member numbers (no names). We can see if there’s something preventing it.

The scout BSA Member ID is 14307102. Her dad is 14413544.

I merged some duplicate accounts for him. That may help.

Did you try searching for him by member number?

How do I search by member number? It looks like my only two choices are either name or email address. Neither of those have gotten me to the right person. I just tried both of those again and no luck.

Enter the member number in the same search bar

I just tried it and the message I got back was that no record found that satisfies that search criteria.

Hi @jacobfetzer,
I’m having a similar issue. Parent is already connected to older son. When I try to connect parent to younger son, Scoutbook says, “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.” I’m connecting the mother (I believe her adultUserId=10354673) to SB User ID: 10009178 / BSA Member ID: 136264622. I’ve searched for the mother by name, email, and her ID number. No results in all cases. Advice?

I’ve had issues recently with the connection search. I thought it had been marked as fixed, but I could easily be confused about that. There’s a work-around posted here: Parent not connected to Scout - #5 by JenniferOlinger, but I believe you need to be a unit admin or Key 3/Key 3 Delegate to use it.

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I am a unit admin and took a lot at that post. I tried to add the dad as a unit leader, but I still couldn’t find him in the system. I searched by his name, email, and ID and I got the same error message each time that no record was found.

Developers have acknowledged the search is broken and are working on it.

@jacobfetzer I’m trying to make an existing parent a leader with pack admin permissions. When I enter the parent’s email in the search field, the child’s name is the search result. I’m not sure if this is related to the broken search or if the parent’s email is associated with the child. Child’s SB ID 11200263 and BSA ID 136868133.

@MarkZiety I removed the email address from the account with the son’s name.

Also, the dad does not appear to be a registered adult leader.

@jacobfetzer The Dad (James) of child (SB ID 11200263) is now a registered Scoutbook user. When I try to add James as a new pack leader, I still can’t find him. If I search by his first and last name, 4 different James’s show up in the results and nothing I see differentiates them. If I search by his email address, the kids still show up. Please advise what I should do so I don’t assign permissions to the wrong James.

@MarkZiety I don’t see a parent with that first name associated with that Scout.

Registered adult leaders should populate onto your Scoutbook adult leader roster automatically.

@JenniferOlinger My mistake. I have two separate but similar issues going on at the same time. The child’s correct SB ID is 11833080 with James L. as the father. Similarly, for child with SB ID 11200263, the father is Michael D. and he requires some admin permissions as well. In both cases, these fathers need additional permissions to run the fundraisers for Pack 170 and Pack 212.

@MarkZiety Currently, James is just a parent. You won’t be able to add him as an adult leader in Scoutbook until he registers as an adult leader (BSA adult application, current YPT, criminal background check, approved by Chartered Org. Rep., etc.).

If he’s just going to be sending e-mail to other parents in the pack, then you can use the Connections Manager in Scoutbook and connect him to all of the other Scouts in the pack with View Profile permissions. The Connections Manager is on the Pack Roster page and also the Den pages.

Looks like a similar situation with the other parent, Michael.

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