Scout connection issue

I have one Scout in our Troop I cannot get to appear correctly on my roaster or connections. earlier this week he wasn’t showing up at all. After reading on this forum I found his name in the troop he just wasn’t assigned to a patrol. However even a couple of days after adding him it still doesn’t show him as being connected to me. Other leaders are not seeing or having the same issue. I have added him to the Troop as he didn’t appear under a patrol; however, he still doesn’t show as connected to me. I have attempted to add a connection; however, nothing seems to work. The JWB Scout number is 129701133.

Any help you can offer is much appreciated.


The Scout’s last registration ended 9/30/21. He will need to be re-registered to be on the Scoutbook roster.

I have confirmed with our recharter committee and they said he was on our recharter this year (well 2021-2022). Is this something that could have been an error at the council?

I appreciate any help you can provide.


@JasonWaddell Talk to your council

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It looks like this scout has the same name as his father. Maybe there was some confusion around that.

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