Scout Deleted when reassigning Den

I was reassigning a new Scout to his Den. While it was processing the change, I accidently hit update. It threw an error and deleted the Scout. I went to my connections and the Scout is no longer there. I am unable to determine his BSA number but his brothers BSA number is 14359516. I reached out to my registrar and she asked me to reach out here.

Assuming you are talking about E. I requested a sync. He should be back on your scoutbook roster within 24 hours.

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When you move Scouts between dens, we recommend that you go to the den page of the new den and use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button - don’t try to do it from the Scout’s Membership page.

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Yes E! Thank you for you help. It really had me and the registrar confused. I also saw the post below for a better practice.

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