Scout Disappeared from SB

I have a Scout who is still on our roster on my.scouting, but has disappeared from Scoutbook. Their member ID is 140286839. I am Committee Chair of P984 in Council #205


Did this Scout recently move to your Council and pack from out of state?

Yes. Over the summer. He was on there last month when his Den Leader entered some advancements, but he’s gone now.


OK, I just had to make sure it wasn’t a case of 2 Scouts with the same name and DOB. I’ll fix it.


I have requested a position sync for this Scout. He should be back in your pack tomorrow morning. You will need to place him back in his den.

I recommend the father get a BSA Member ID in your Council and the Council Registrar add the parent/scout relationship on the relationships tab of registrar tools.

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Thank you sir. I appreciate all you and your team do.

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