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Scout disappeared from Scoutbook

We had a scout that had been removed from our Scoutbook. This is the message that was in the notes: DateEnded by SP ExpireInvalidYouthUPsCreatedinSB after 60 Day Lapse

Can you help me with what this means so I can understand why this happened?

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Does the Scout appear on the unit’s Member Manager roster at my.scouting.org?

Does the Scout’s name and BSA ID number match exactly between Scoutbook and my.scouting.org?

That message verbally means they aren’t registered scouts in your unit, or possibly that they are registered with a different bsa member number or some other critical info.

We have a similar issue. We had a scout disappear from SB. When we try to transfer him back into our pack, SB says the scout is already registered in the pack. How can we find the scout and update the pack? Thanks

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@RobertEberhart - an admin or key 3 should still be connected and most likely is still listed in their individual connections. If so it is a matter of removing the end date on their membership. Also, do make sure the scout is still listed in my.scouting.org roster

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@Stephen_Hornak - I checked with our CM. He provided screen shots of his connections and my.scouting roster. The scout is not in his connections, but does show up in the roster as part of our pack. I am at a loss for this one. Can we export from my.scouting roster and import into scoutbook roster? Thanks for your help so far.

@RobertEberhart go to Scoutbook Unit Roster and at bottom of Youth list - try using the Transfer tool to get the Scout in the unit

@DonovanMcNeil - Thank you. When we tried that, SB states that he is already part of the pack. We just can’t see him to connect with him or put him in the right den or anything. It’s strange.

why don’t we setup a screenshare - I can direct message you a link @RobertEberhart

@RobertEberhart - I can certainly try a screenshare with your CM or yourself if you are unit admin to see if we can locate the scout. Either of the admins can email be at shornak@bloomberg.net up to 5pm EST and we can work together.

did the Scout have a denner position?

@Stephen_Hornak - thanks again. I just emailed you directly.

@DonovanMcNeil - no denner role. He is a lion scout.

@RobertEberhart - please post the SD case number here. Thanks

Hello Stephen Hornak, I am also having this issue. I am Advancement Chair for our Troop and cannot access anything on my.scouting for our Troop (says I don’t have permission?). Our Scoutmaster went into the account as well as Council person responsible for recharter. Neither of them can see anything for my son except one merit badge. He’s been in Scouting since 2014. When we tried to transfer him back into the Troop, it said he was already part of it. Someone made a new account for him…and it doubled. After we added back all his work for the past year by hand (took hours), it added it to BOTH accounts.

I contacted Scoutbook, have an SSD number, but the person helping me said I needed to follow the instructions that are on the help page, saying to find my son’s name with no unit number and transfer him into the Troop. That instance of my son’s name on my connections list links to another Scout in our Troop! And if it worked, we would have THREE members of the Troop with the same name.

Any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

SSD-94334 is the number. Thank you!

Here is the case number - SSD-94480

I received a support response from ScoutBook. I was informed that the scout in question was accidentally set as an adult. They will reset him as a scout and we should be able to see him again. I await the sync with baited breathe and hope the issue is resolved…
Thanks for all the peer support, these forums can be quite helpful.

@RobertEberhart - glad to hear that. That is interesting as I think my.scouting listed the position as youth. I await a positive correction.

@RobertEberhart does this Scout share a name with parent?