Scout entered twice in ScoutBook

We have a Scout in our Troop, recently transferred from the Den, whose SB User ID is 11199020 (BSA Member ID: 13686626). A second profile for this Scout popped up in ScoutBook recently (SB User ID 13154429; no BSA Member ID) showing his mother’s maiden name as his last name.

Example: If the Scout’s name were “John Smith” and his mother went by “Sally Jones Smith”, this second profile would be named “John Jones.”

How can we remove this phantom 13154429 profile?

@AmyCrawford2 This should be fixed, but a Troop Admin will need to add an end date to the troop membership.

Thank you for your help! Do you mean I should add an end date to one of the two profiles? There are now two identical profiles reflecting all of the accurate information.

I have merged the Scoutbook accounts.

However, the Scout now has 2 memberships. Go to the Scout’s Membership page in Scoutbook. Click on the troop membership and add an end date (you can change the start and end dates to when the Scout first joined the troop). Keep the patrol membership (Thunder Chickens).

Thank you - we’re all set now.

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