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Scout getting auto expired by Scoutbook

Daily, we have a scout who is auto expired by ScoutBook.
The message that appears in the notes is:
DateEnded by SP ExpireInvalidYouthUPsCreatedinSB after 90 Day Lapse

This is becoming a serious problem. They parents are not receiving communication from the pack, and are getting upset.
Has anyone else experienced this? What circumstances cause this to occur?

For us, it happened because the scout was omitted from our recharter. I added a new membership starting the day that the expired membership was auto-expired (i.e. today) so that there is a 60-day (IIRC) window to get the underlying issue fixed. Eventually, the membership appeared on our roster and the scout stopped disappearing.

There’s another recent thread on this issue that gives more details on possible issues.

Definitely look at you roster on member manager. Is the scout there? Does their full name, birthdate, and bsa member number match what’s in scoutbook exactly?

In the meantime, until you get that resolved, I’d changed their start date for their membership to today. That’ll give you 60 (or maybe 90 days) to get your roster issues corrected. Then, change it back to the actual start date once everything is fixed.

As others have noted, please first check the roster in MYST, then press on. The larger issue is an accurate membership accounting at recharter. Beyond that it is up to the unit to maintain an accurate membership accounting.

Hi @MichaelJohn, I also have been plagued by this operational bug. I wish Scoutbook would understand the difference between member lists and user lists and not let the user lists (upon which we depend for communication) be modified by changes to the member list.

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