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Scout in a crew and troop in different councils

When we added the scout to our crew, it transferred the internet advancement for Scouts BSA to our crew. How can we revert internet advancement to his primary unit?

Right now SB does not support that do to the curse of Council only BSA #'s . My advise would be this, if the Scout only plans on doing Scout BSA advancements have council 1 change Scouts expire date by one day so he moves back to that council and troop in Scoutbook, Honestly this might be better to do till the Scout is Eagle if that is a goal. The other unit will have to go 100% paper entry.

Let me say this a little different on Eagle - it depends on what unit the Scout want to Eagle in - the SB account needs to be aligned with that Councils BSA # so Eagle Verification can happen

Thanks Donovan,
The scout is in a Scouts BSA troop in Council #1 and in a Venturing Crew in Council #2. They need control over Scouts BSA rank and merit badge advancement. So his Scouts BSA unit will need to amend his expiration date and that will make them the priority council? Would this be the same if a scout is in two different units in the same council? I have a case where a scout is in a troop and my crew, both in the same council. If her troop were to update her expiration date, that would make them the primary?

Thanks for your help on this.


The challenge here is that each council has their own unique set of member IDs. When a scout is a member of two different councils, it almost like they are two different people. So, you would not have the same issue with a scout who is a crew member in your council.

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