How to deal with a scout with two bsa IDs?

I have a scout in my Ship that has a different BSA number for the council just north of us. How do I see his BSA advancement with the other ID number and the Sea Scout advancement in our Ship?

If I’m understanding correctly, the scout is a member of two ships (no other programs) in two different councils? As I think you e discovered, bsa member numbers do not cross council boundaries and essentially treat this scout as two different scouts.

I would figure out which one is primary, and add a membership to that one in the other ship. Then, the non-primary unit will see both versions of the scout. The non-primary unit, may want to give the non-primary version of the scout a nickname like “do not use” so they always mark advancement in the primary version of the scout.

Note: if the situation were different, such as having membership in a troop or crew in addition to the ship, I might suggest something different.

Almost, he is our ship in council A and was in a troop in council B. He is done with advancement in the Troop but we can’t see his troop advancement to mark off things on his Sea Scout requirements that reference things like merit badge completions because they are tied to his Council B number.

Also, since he is 18 and a scout, how do I send him an invite to see his own scoutbook account? Do I still have to add a parent and have them add him?

You would need to have 2 accounts for him in you Ship. On the Council B Scoutbook account, he would need to add a membership to your troop.

I would recommend talking to your council Registrar. They might be able to talk to the other council and get the Scouts advancement record (person record) from the other council and add those advancements and dates to the Scout’s record in his current council.

Another option is for you to go to:

  1. My Dashboard
  2. Reports Menu
  3. Scouts BSA History Report
  4. Enter his BSA ID number from the other council, and you should be able to see his merit badges and dates. (Merit badges with an asterisk * would mean that the merit badge has not yet been approved by a leader in the troop.)

Thanks, getting the history report is all I really need since he is done with Troop advancement. I will try that.

That worked out, thank you very much!

If he is completely done with Council B, you can use the transfer tool to bring that version into your Ship. Then, send an email to and ask them to change the BSA member number in the council B version to his current member number in your ship.

Note: That’d mean that the Council B version version of him would become your official version, and you’d lose anything you had previously recorded on your version of him. Since you have another option based on the history report, this may not be worth it, depending on how much you have already recorded for him.

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