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Scout moved from one council to another - merge records?

A scout moved from another Council to our Council. He shows up in our Troop records two times, with two different BSA numbers (I’ve never created any record, both just showed up). The first scout record is his “old” record, shows all the correct rank and MB info, but is NOT synced. The second scout record is his “new” record (created when he moved to our Council??), shows no rank or MB info but IS synced.

I’ve contacted my Council advancement person, but she is unaware how to handle this.
Can the two records be merged?
Which BSA number is retained (or why do Council’s even create a new BSA #?)

Send an e-mail to with the Scout’s name, BSA#s, councils and units. Ask them to merge the accounts. Be sure to indicate which BSA# is the current number for your council. Once the accounts are merged, the data from the old unit will be uploaded to ScoutNET for your council.

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