BSA ID of scout did not change after account showed up in new unit

Moved to different council and Scouts BSA troop. Old unit did not use SB.
New unit had multiple SB accounts pop up after transfer paperwork got processed by council. Request to SB support to delete multiple account/s.
The one from last unit/council got left showing all advancements.
In the scout profile it shows old address, BSA ID, and council.
Was able to change address, but not council or ID.
What can be done to show current BSA ID and council? Ticket with SB support again?

You can send an e-mail to with the Scout’s name, old and new BSA#, old and new council and old and new unit. Ask them to merge the accounts and place the new BSA# in the old account. This will update the new council with all of the existing advancement.

All duplicates have been deleted already. But figured that contacting SB support again would be the only way. Thanks!

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