Scout Incorrectly Assigned to Wrong Patrol But Cannot Edit

I have a scout that is being assigned to a patrol in the troop directory and on his profile page, however he was a never a member of that patrol. He is listed as being in a different (and accurate) patrol on his membership page. No record of him being in the incorrect patrol exists for me to delete or edit, so I don’t know how to get that changed on the troop directory page. Any ideas?

@NateKristy What do you see of the Scout’s Leadership page?

What is the Scout’s BSA member number?

@NateKristy - I gather you mean the troop roster page ?

That’s correct. On the Troop Directory page, it actually shows him as being in two Patrols - Phoenix (correct) and Fire Patrol (incorrect) in text just below his name. He has never been a part of that Fire Patrol and I cannot find any history within his profile of how he got assigned as such. When I click into his profile, it shows him as being in the Fire Patrol currently (again, incorrect) but if I go into his Membership it only shows the correct Phoenix as his history and current Patrol.

Not sure where to go to even find the “wrong” patrol to delete it at this point.

If you want SUAC to look into it, you will need to provide the scout’s BSA ID (no names). They can use that to access the account data to see if they can identify anything.

I would probably try transferring him into the fire patrol, then back to the Phoenix patrol. I don’t know how the error happened, but that might be the fastest route to resolving the symptoms. But not before SUAC looks at it, though.

@NateKristy - ok… but have you checked the leadership line in the scout page? I am willing to be there is an active position in that patrol. Beyond that my learned colleague @CharleyHamilton has provided a further path.

@NateKristy If you could post the Scout’s BSA member number, we can take a look.

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