Scout deactivated by system?

One of our scouts got deactivated and the message in the profile isn’t yielding any clear reasons. I can reactivate the membership in Scoutbook but if I don’t know the real reason why he was deactivated in the first place, it can happen again. Here is the message:

DateEnded by SP ExpireInvalidYouthUPsCreatedinSB after 60 Day Lapse

That usually means that scout is not registered with your unit… or there is some mismatch between the registration info and their profile in scoutbook. Could you or a key 3 check if this scout appears on your roster in with the same bsa member number they have in scoutbook?

Thanks for confirming Jacob. This scout was a in another pack. Instead of transferring to our unit, he filled out a new application with our pack. We have 2 records for him now. We want to keep the original record from the previous pack and close the new/duplicate record. I made this change during the 2022 recharter process. I will contact our district rep for next steps.


Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no name) and we will investigate. Typically we can merge the records and leave the Scout with a single Scoutbook account.

If the transfer was from another council, they will always get a new member number. A new Scoutbook account can be avoided in some cases by changing the scout’s scoutbook profile address, council, and district info to match the application before the application is already turned in.

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Correct/original BSA id: 13421938
Duplicate BSA id: 13837170

@JenniferHuang I merged the accounts keeping 13837170 ad that is the registered MID - maybe talk to council to merge the MIDs

Ok I see in Scoutbook that 13837170 has his past advancements showing correctly. Thank you! I will now check with the council to make sure 13837170 is kept for the 2022 recharter. Thank you for your help!

My guess is if they were in the same council, your council will want to go back to the original one. At that point, we’d need to switch the member number in the scoutbook profile.

We have a Scout that was previously listed User Id #12215883 BSA #137521627. When his parent User ID #12224229 connected to his account the Scouts BSA #137521627 was assigned to the parent and the Scout is now listed no match on Unit Roster.

@KeithSmith4 I think it is all fixed now

THANK YOU Donovan! Looks good!

We have a non-leader who wants to take Youth Protection. BSA #134424473. User ID #8951517. Her email address is incorrect and needs changed to He husband who is a leaders uses the same email address. Thanks.

@KeithSmith4 hmmmmmm - not sure - I fixed it again and we will just watch

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