After recharter, Scout has lost all advancement info

After we completed recharter, one of my long-time Scouts has been added to the roster, but has lost all his advancement information. It almost looks like he has been added as a new Scout with a new BSA member number. Apparently, there is a family with similar names (jr, III) and I’m thinking he might have been confused with one of them. Our recharter person said they had his birthdate way off at Council, but it had been “fixed.” He’s been with us for years, so I’m confused why this is an issue now.


That sounds like the Scout has 2 Scoutbook accounts. Post the BSA Member ID (nothing else) and we will look into it.

The member number I have is 133160049.

This issue has been fixed.

Caren Morrison,
Can you please explain, did this situation resolve it’s self or was there something that you did to help the process? I am experiencing the same situation with one of my older scouts, all of his information is gone.

Please help.
Allen D’Aoust

Allen, if you post the Scout’s BSA member number here (no names, please), we can take a look.

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THANK YOU for helping.
SoutBooks ID# 773401 and BSA ID# 123635673

Allen, I sent you a private message.

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THANK YOU! I really appreciate your help!

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