Scout Login Trouble Shooting

Scoutbook User ID: 2633544

BSA Member ID: 132593763

This scout is unable to recover his user name or password and when the parents search they find no email associated to the scout. Yet when I look there is an account it appears that has been created. Help please.

Ben Ward

@BenjaminWard Did they use the chatbot (“Betty”) at my.Scouting?

They used the forgot username/password link

It found nothing. I told them not to do anything until I talked to ya’ll due to I see the Scout in send a message as he has already account

@BenjaminWard This Scout does not currently have a username. It is possible that he had one previously, but it is now deleted.

The Scout should be able to create a new username at my.Scouting using the BSA member ID number that you provided.

Why would it be deleted if he had one previously?

One possible way is if he deleted his username inside of the Scouting mobile app. All I know is that he doesn’t currently have a username.

Thank you for all your help.

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