Issue with Scout account forgot password error

SUAC requested. I have a Scout who was invited to SB by his dad and created his account sometime in the past, but forgot his username and password. He didn’t know which email he used originally, so I emailed the Scout (and dad) through Scoutbook and the Scout received the test email. However, when the Scout goes to do the Scoutbook “Forgot Username / Password” recover credentials using that email address he gets an error message that states " RECORD COULD NOT BE LOCATED - No accounts were found matching the information provided. Please contact your local council to report it." The Scout wouldn’t have an email in the system if he didn’t have an account associated with it. His BSA ID is 130839969 and User ID is 2990700. If you need more personal data, please direct message. Thanks!

@Michael_DeMarcay the password is now Training1

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