Scout lost advancements when transfering from one Council to another

We recently had a Scout transfer into Council 045, from Council 055. Council 055 no longer has any record of this Scout. In Council 045, this Scout has three MIDs:
137104807 Riverside, CA address (current registration)
140261865 Monterey, CA address (no registration)
6447914 Temecula, CA address (no registration)

His parents say he had rank advancement and a few merit badges in Council 055 but they did not transfer over and now Council 055 has no record of his registration there.

Would you please look to see if there is something going on with his records/registration? (I have asked National and they were not able to help with this situation.) Thank you for any assistance.

OK I found one other account @CarolWeinrich and pulled in ranks and all marked off requirements

That’s great, Donovan! Thanks so much.

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