Scoutbook records lost for Life Scout

One of my oldest scouts who is currently life rank showed up in scout book as not assigned to a patrol and all her advancements have been wiped. She shows no rank, 0% progress and none of her training, advancement, or merit badges are recorded.

Can you please help restore her records (136238791)?


I’ll look into this


The issue is the Scout is registered in both Golden Gate Area Council and Golden Empire Council. Each Council has its own set of BSA Member IDs (MID) but Scoutbook and Internet Advancement only support one MID per account.

There are a couple solutions here:

  1. She can create a 2nd ID using her Ship MID. When she logs in it will create a new Scoutbook account for that unit. She can then use the different IDs to decide which account to log in to.
  2. She can use a single ID and use Manage Member ID before logging in to Scoutbook to swtich between Scoutbook IDs.

For now I will merge her Scoutbook accounts so that she sees her Scouts BSA advancement when logging in.

Thank you! The Scout worked as a camp counselor and they required us to jointly enroll her in both councils. We have two other Scouts that have to do the same thing for different councils for summer camp. Sounds like I better give them the instructions above as well or they will have their items wiped out.

THANK YOU! This was giving the advancement team/troop leaders (and the Scout and parents) a heart attack!


Nothing is lost. The issue is their Scoutbook account may have the “wrong” MID on them so when they log in a new SB account is created.

If you provide a list of MIDs (no names) we can check and make sure the correct MID is on the SB accounts.

Will do if it goes weird. The Scouts are registering as counselors now. I can see their records are still here but will give them your instructions on how to make a new account so it doesn’t make their records weird when they dual enroll. I’m so glad you were able to restore the account so we can see her records.Thanks!

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