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Scout Lost in Scoutbook

We are in need of assistance getting a scout back into our Scoutbook site. He dropped off/vanished on February 5, 2021. Help FAQs said to contact our council. We did. They said he was still in the system, and give it 48 to 72 hours for him to show back up, then after that, to follow the help link in my.scouting. Did that; he shows in the Master Record list on key’s access/roster, but is still not in our Scoutbook. And then my scouting says if still having issues contact your council. And back and forth we go! Scout is in his last four months before turning 18 and in the middle of badge completions and Eagle project phases. Little problematic for Leaders and MB counselors trying to keep his record and sign-offs straight when have no access. Help! Thanks!

Please post Scout’s BSA member number


Please post the BSA Member # for the Scout. Do not post the Scout’s name. We will investigate.




The database is not showing me why his membership was ended. Your recharter has not yet been posted for 2021.

You are still connected to the Scout. Go to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections. Click on this Scout’s name then his Memberships. Edit the membership for your unit to remove the end date. Click Update then edit the membership again, check the Approved checkbox and click update. This will place him back in your unit.

Next, if the Scout is still SPL, from the Unit Roster, click on the Scout’s name then Scout’s Leadership. Edit the SPL position to remove the end date. If the approved checkbox is there, set it, if not, save the date change, edit the position again then set the approved checkbox.

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