Phantom Scout

I have a Scout who joined our pack earlier this year as a Tiger. Once his initial application was approved he showed up in Scoutbook and I proceeded to put him in with the rest of the Tiger Den. Then one day for no reason that I can explain on my end, his profile vanishes off of Scoubook.

I don’t know what happened, when I go into my roster on he’s still there (and he registered and has been busy attending our meetings ever since) so I’m not sure why all of a sudden he is no longer showing up on SB.

Is there some way I can get him back on there? Like an option where I put in his scout ID number, search and pull him back in? Or does someone somewhere have a god mode that if given the proper info could do it for me? It’s frustrating, the person who usually took care of this stuff at council office has left and I’m not getting any help or answers on it…I would think there would be a way to add him if you had his info. Any help would be appreciated.

Please post the Scout’s BSA member number, and we can take a look. (No names, please.)

BSA Number is 14532547

I have the same problem, I came here to look for a solution. The scout will pop over and within 24 hours an end date will be added to the membership for our unit. No open leadership positions or anything. I am not sure what is going on, we have tried to remove the end date 3x now and by day two, disappears.

BSA ID: 137191605

@ToddKnaperek that Scout does not exist in SB - what you will need to do is go to roster and make a new one by same same - then we can add the BSA #, etc

@JamieHaller that scout is not registered in T173, not even registered in your council, they are in 209

Thanks, Ill go back to council, per their instruction everything is correct on their end.


I appreciate it! This is a Council error, we tend to have them frequently and it is extremely frustrating. Ill send this to them.

Well it would be a new BSA # for a new council - this scout has 4 numbers but none in your council

Yeah, I am tracking that.

Okay I’ve created him a new profile on SB. What do I need to do to have him properly connected with his BSA ID and the other particulars? Or is that something you can do on your end?

Yeah it was funny I just saw it - give me some time developers are looking at this to see what went wrong - then I will fix it

Okay thanks. Do I need to do anything else in the meantime or just wait to hear back from you? I can fill in his parental info and ranks in the meantime.

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