We have a scout on Internet advancement but he's not on my.scouting roster

Pretty unusual thing I discovered last evening.
I already sent question to the council registrar.
Note, I’m a unit key 3 designate with admin rights on scoutbook, ia etc.

A scout is listed on our troop internet advancement roster. The scout was dropped at our recharter year that ends July 31st this year. He was dropped from scoutbook, IA and my.scouting roster but seems to have popped back up,
but only in Internet advancement.

if I click on IA I get pop up that says
you are not authorized to view the user advancement.

scout is NOT on our my.scouting roster which is where I thought IA would pull the data from?

He does show on scoutbook again with activity to add membership on the 17th of June but none of the leaders readded him.

The mismatch between Internet advancement and my.scouting rosters is baffling.

I sent you a personal message. Click on your icon in the upper right and then the envelope.

Internet Advancement uses the Scoutbook roster. Log in to Scoutbook, go to the Scout’s Membership page and add an end date then click Update.

Bill I sent you an email.

We have new scouts who join and get on scoutbook before they are on our council/my.scouting roster, and they never show on Internet advancement until they are actually on our council roster. why would it let you enter advancement in internet advancement for a scout that isn’t registered yet?

I can end his membership again, but how the heck did this old scout whose membership was ended get back on our roster in Internet advancement and scoutbook.

Not sure if it is relevant or not, but someone made him a Den Chief associated with your troop. Anyway, Ed’s advice is spot on. However, I did end him in your unit, and the Den Chief position so he shouldn’t come back in.

yeah I saw the den chief thing associated with the membership.
He maybe has a younger brother and he’s acting as den chief now that you mention it.
so I will reach out and make sure they know he needs to be registered to be a den chief. Maybe he found a new troop and we weren’t told.
It’s just weird lol.

still makes no sense that a scout put in by someone else as a den chief would pop him back onto our roster.
seems like a bug to me.

We don’t actively use scoutbook. The troop did a trial of it many years ago, and left it to use troop web host. Soooooo… we only go to scoutbook when we get a new scoutmaster or advancement chair and they go play with it and then abandon it and go back to troop web host. Or I go to scoutbook when I see something unusual, like this. Or like when all of our scouts showed up on internet advancement with patrol names from years ago next to their names.
I didn’t think bsa said we HAD to use scoutbook, but seems maybe we do.

@AmeliaHeilman - the only thing that you need to be in would be advancements.scouting.org for reporting to council on advancement and service hours and camping for its obvious reasons. If you are good with troopwebhost then run with that.

Doesn’t look like he has registered in the Grand Canyon council since his registration expired July 31, 2020. (last registration year)
System probably didn’t drop him after the grace period last Fall.

Yes we just use troop web host and kinda ignore scoutbook
At least once we realized that the full control was still turned on for all of the leaders who were doing the trial run on scoutbook 4+ years ago. so if they realized they could add things and approve things for all the scouts. or that adults who were no longer in scouting were still listed as having full control.

So I’ve done a lot of clean up on something they left running in the background all by itself.

Recently pull an eagle application on internet advancement and it lists that a scout is still a patrol leader that leaders entered 4 years ago. that one is stuck and can’t delete their leadership position of patrol leaderfor some reason. so they changed the eagle application to show his spl position instead. lol That was just kinda annoying, freaked parent out tho.

Give me the member ID and I will see if I can remove the PL position

124886163 is member id number
it shows all the time in position but not the position

His PL position should be ended now