Scout missing from unit roster

BSA ID: 136956569

Scout is missing from the roster for Troop 139G in Mecklenburg County Council. She recently registered with Crew 1465 and it should have been done as a multiple.

I am an ASM in the troop.

@JosephKauffman this is a council issue - they ended the Troop membership

Thanks. I figured that was the answer but felt I should ask here anyway. I will reach out to the registrar. I’m guessing it was entered as a transfer and not as a multiple registration.

Next time use my applications in to select multiple instead of transfer. Then, no one else can select the wrong thing.

I’ll pass that along to whoever managed the change. I’m not with the Crew (yet). They have many multiple registration participants so I’m not entirely sure where the error was. But I got confirmation from the registrar that her record has been updated and that it should reflect correctly in the next sync.

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