Scout Missing from Scoutbook but on our Roster

I have a Scout BSA ID# 14730760, rechartered with us fine and is on our roster at However, he is not in Scoutbook nor listed on I’ve emailed our council office and the only response I get back is that he’s on our roster. Looking for help on how to get this scout to sync with Scoutbook again. I looked in my connections manager and he is not listed nor was I able to find him using the Transfer Tool. (These were suggested in the Scoutbook FAQ resources.) Thank you in advance!

What is the Unit @AngeleBoudreaux

I see one in California and one exact match scout in Alabama

Pack 253 (California)

@AngeleBoudreaux is the scout dual registered? can you ask family?

pretty sure is same scout @AngeleBoudreaux as the mothers data also matches - that means the scout has 2 active BSA #s

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I confirmed with his mom that he is NOT dual registered with another Pack. He was an out of state transfer to our Pack. When he transferred in, we had his full Scoutbook profile and history come with him from his prior Pack. There were no issues until now.

Prior Pack was in Alabama, Montgomery. They no longer reside in Alabama.

@AngeleBoudreaux ok that is fixed - Scout should be back OUT OF DEN in morning - you can then REASSIGN to den. The other unit paid to recharter him it looks like

Excellent thank you. Must have been a mistake in their Pack accounting.

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