Scout missing green check mark - not verified by Unit

On the “My Unit” homepage of Scoutbook (attached screenshot), we have a 17-year old Scout who does not have a green check mark. She no longer has the green check mark that shows she’s verified (see attached). I’m guessing this means that Scoutbook no longer thinks she is part of our troop. What’s interesting is that she is on our roster on my.scouting, so I’m not sure where the issue is.

When I hover over the other Scouts who do have the green check, it says “This user is verified by the unit”. I have no idea what “verified” means here, but this Scout is not verified by the “unit” (which presumably is our troop - G104).

Any idea what’s going on?

Welcome to the BSA IT Discussion Forum! I believe the issue you are having is the Scout’s position is not marked approved on the Scout’s membership page. To do this, go to the Scout’s current membership details and select Position Approved.

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If you give us the BSA Member IDs (no names) we will investigage.

Thanks @AndrewJChen … I don’t see a “Position Approved” check box (screenshot).

You will need to click on their current membership (Scouts BSA in red), then approve it from the membership page. Please see the below screenshots.

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@edavignon - The BSA ID is 136152034


The DB is telling me this Scout is registered in Troop 104G of National Capital Area Council. Go to her membership page, click on the Troop 104 membership, Turn on the I Approve… check box and click save.

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That did it @AndrewJChen. Thank u!

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Yep, that was it. Thanks @edavignon and @AndrewJChen!

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