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Scouts not approved

Need help figuring out very odd behavior seen on the Scoutbook records of two scouts. When we look at their individual page, the green checkmark under the troop number is grey, and a link appears that says the scout is not approved with a link to edit membership. When clicking on that link (or the edit membership menu item further down the page), the scout shows as approved. The same is true on the roster view at both troop and patrol levels.
Things that have been checked and tried by the CC with full control privileges:

  • Verified BSA IDs for these two Scouts in the troop roster on my.scouting Member Manager.
  • Noted that there were no system messages left in the edit membership notes box
    – removed checkmark from record, updated, and then returned to edit membership and reapproved.
  • No additional unit memberships (one scout is a den chief but we didn’t see any additional memberships)
  • No recent position changes, patrol moves, or advancement actions.

@KennethMortello should be able to give additional details if needed.

Thanks for your help!

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Check if the scout has any positions that need to be approved.

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check leadership positions - are those approved?

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I’ll eat my hat if that’s the issue. The one who is a Den Chief has been in the position for many months but this problem surfaced recently.

-going off to buy a ribeye steak to wear as a hat-

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Thank you everyone for the advise. That was the issue. I should have seen it. :rofl:

I told you these folks were way smarter than I am.

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