Some youth missing green check on their personal page

When I select Unit then either patrol or roster and then select a scout some of my scouts do not have a white on green check and have the following under it “Not Approved Edit Membership to approve”.
It only shows up on the personal page the rest of the places in SB shows a green check.
I am the COR for two troops (Boy & Girl) and a Pack (Family). I first noticed it in the Girl troop because it is smaller (5 of the 10 scouts have the problem). Since to find the problem you need to go to the individual scouts page (see above) I did a sample of the boy troop (32 scouts) and found 1 of 5 sampled has the problem. I have NOT looked at the Pack (49 cubs).

Additional information:
Girl Troop: three with the problem are UPs, three are in a crew but not the same three, one girl in a ship (not UP) does not have the problem.
Boy troop: the one boy I have found is in a crew (not UP), but another boy in the same crew does not have the problem.
I have gone into several of the scouts membership page and edited membership by unchecking Position approved, Updating, going out to the roster/patrol listing coming back to membership checking Position Approved, and Updating, going out to the roster/patrol listing, and member page, problem is not fixed.

I am able to maintain advancement sync and connections with no problems.

Any advice.

@MichaelMcGehearty - quick question on this scout… was there a change in POR recently ? I would suggest that this is easily fixed if you go to their leadership page and make sure that the position is approved as well.

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I just approved the leadership of six scouts identified with the problem. That was it for six identified scouts.
However the wording in the notification “Not Approved Edit Membership to approve” is misleading. I recommend a change to the wording (maybe a bug fix) to something like:
“Not Approved: Edit Membership or Leadership to approve”

@MichaelMcGehearty - I see the value in adding that but I suspect that the membership code and the leadership code share lines and because of how scoutbook is written it may well conflate them and just state membership. At the very least they are now fixed.

In the words “Not Approved Edit Membership to approve” there is a link in “Edit Membership” to the membership section so that was ok.
So I am updating my recommended change to the wording: “Not Approved: Edit Membership or Edit Leadership to approve”
with the Edit Membership being a link to Membership and Edit Leadership being a link to Leadership. Yes, it would depend upon how the Membership section and Leadership sections are coded. My scouts are ok, but I wonder how many other scouts (leaders) may have the problem.
Thanks again

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