Scoutbook not syncing to my.scouting for one scout

When viewing the patrol, for one scout, I am getting a yellow triangle with “not on official unit roster in my.scouting” message. The scout IS on the my.scouting roster with the correct Membership ID. They also appear on the whole troop’s Scoutbook Roster as synced (the A with the arrows around it), just not on the patrol. None of their advancement has synced since March 2023. When I run a “needs awarding report”, they don’t show up on it. Things worked fine prior to March 2023. He was in another council and has two MIDs, but the current one is the one in my.scouting. Thank you.

@MargaretBowyer If you would please post the Scout’s BSA member ID number, we can take a look.

(No names, please.)


The Scout had the wrong BSA Member ID on his Scoutbook account. This has been fixed.

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