Missing Scout from roster

I’m not sure how much info I should put here to protect the privacy of the scout in question but I’m missing a Scout from our roster - he’s a fairly recent crossover (in December).

He was on the roster at one point we believe but has dropped off … we just discovered it when trying to award merit badges he finished at camp. The pack committee chair cannot see the scout either … and the parent doesn’t really use Scoutbook. How can we get this Scout re-added to the Troop roster>?

thanks for any help, Jason

Please post the Scout’s BSA member number, and we can take a look.

that is part of the problem … I dont know that I can see it in Scoutbook - and I dont have a separate list of em …

I sent you a private message for more information.

Thanks very much Jennifer!

If you are Key 3 you can see it at my.scouting.org

yep - not one of the key 3 - just an Asst Scoutmaster entering some merit badges! 2 of the key 3 are on the road … and havent heard from the other!

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