Scout missing

I have a scout that dropped off our roster Friday, that was officially rechartered this year. I can’t find him with the transfer in a scout feature, and this is the 4th time since joining scouts this particular scout has dropped off. Please help.

What is the Scout’s BSA member number (no names)?

I assume you mean Scoutbook roster. Is the scout still showing on your official roster at my.scouting?

134413444 is his member ID based on his dad

@ChadKeehn I sent you a private message.

I had four Scouts disappear from my roster in the last week. They are all new Scouts. Some showed up as duplicates for a couple days then both went away. Of course only Scoutbook knows their BSA numbers. I am loath to add them in again only to have them not “sync up” on advancement.

Do they appear on your official roster at If not, that might point to the problem. I’ve generally seen that behavior when a scout is not actually transferred (i.e. only moved or “created” in Scoutbook, no paper or electronic transfer application processed by council).

If the scouts are missing from your official roster at my.scouting, the unit needs to follow-up on what happened with their transfer applications. If they are on the roster, posting the BSA IDs (no names needed) may allow the SUAC folks to research the issues some more.

ETA: If they already had parents connected (e.g. were transferring in from a pack), the parents may still have access if the scouts “reverted” to the pack.

Thank you for helping. I figured it out with the Council. The Scouts’ applications are being held until they are officially in sixth grade in June, since they did not earn their Arrow of Light and they are still 10yo. Apparently BSA “scrubbed” the rosters and removed unqualified Scouts. Makes sense but it was not easy to sort out, since they were registered for a couple months.

@JohnCimral Did they join the troop too early in Scoutbook (before their pack entered their AOL rank)? Or did they not earn AOL rank at all?

They did not earn their AOL.

Good morning Jennifer, i also had a scout drop off scoutbook, could you please contact me so we could get him back on.

thank you
Joe Heberling

@josephhebering do you know the BSA # - if so just post that and we can take a look

K.L. - #13238899

thank you

not sure what happened here - look after 4pm CST to see if you see him out of patrol

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