Scout no longer linked within Scoutbook

The following Scoutbook Id# is no longer linked within our troop. This seems to have happened all of a sudden. I verified that he is listed in the roster in MSO and also listed on the recently submitted charter.

Scoutbook Id 570712
Member Id within MSO 128360675

Thank you for any help.

@JamesSoltysiak I see that Scout in your Iron Fist Patrol

@DonovanMcNeil Yes but he has the yellow triangle and no member Id associated with his account. It also won’t let me sync him anymore.

@JamesSoltysiak Parent stole the MID - we are not sure how this happens - but it is fixed now

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What is “MSO”?


It most likely means my.scouting

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@Bill_W - you are clouding up the end users and the solutions

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