Scout on Roster Not Showing in IA/Scoutbook

We have a scout showing on our roster in my.scouting, but is not syncing or showing in IA or Scoutbook. Additional Scouts that have updated their email addresses (showing in Internet Advancments) are not syncing to Scoutbook to message.

There doesn’t appear to be a way to manually resync - can this be done on our behalf?

BSA IDs: 133074014, 14637884, 137397310

@JamesCuomo Scouts have to log in once to get messages - parents have to invite them or setup a user at

Myst Account Setup.pdf (223.2 KB)


The scout not in SB - you ended the membership 2/11 - I setup a sync for this evening to bring them back in


SB sync was successful for 133074014. He is now back in (we expired him out in an attempt to resync and correct the email issue). Thank you!

Following the guidance provided above - for 137397310 - per the parent yesterday afternoon, “Thanks so much for this due diligence. He did have an account and we just signed on it and everything is correct on email on this end.” Unfortunately, he is still not showing up as an email contact in SB as of this morning.

Is there anything else we can do to get him to show up? We’ll do the same for the other two scouts once we figure it out.

@JamesCuomo having an account is different from having logged in once - they have to log into SB at least once to show up


To confirm, the scout needs to log into Scoutbook once, not once? The instructions made it appear that the latter was required, but we can certainly confirm that the former is done.

That was the key - once the login to Scoutbook took place, the scout showed up in the email section. Thanks for the guidance @DonovanMcNeil!