Scout not showing up in scoutbook IA

Scout is in scoutbook, properly synced, with a bsa number and ranks shown. When our Advancement chair entered summer camp merit badges using Internet Advancement within scoutbook , one scout was “not found”. He is listed on the roster but no rank shown. When I click on him it sends me to a 404 error page. He shows up fine in regular scoutbook with his second class rank.

Thanks in advance.

@JohnPoprac - it is recommended that you choose either IA or scoutbook but not both. I would recommend that in scoutbook you go to the scout profile, make sure there is a green shield in the top of the page under the photo area. Then if no shield please go to that scout’s membership list and make sure it is current and approved. If not approved , please check that box and update.

If the Scout was not in Internet Advancement the Scout is likely not registered - A Key 3 needs to go to and look at Member Manager for the Scout

Yes… that as well, but it was noted that the BSA ID was there and account in sync.

He has a green shield in scoutbook. And a bsa id. And all of his previous ranks and badges.

I’m a little confused when it was said use IA or scoutbook but not both.
I used the Internet Advancement link on the home page of my scoutbook account. Is that not the best way to enter badges?
I am the Scoutmaster so I have full access.


If you use Scoutbook JUST USE Scoutbook. You do not need internet advancement

That being said - Internet Advancement Roster is official where Scoutbooks is not - so like I said check Member Manager for that scout

@Stephen_Hornak we are not 100% sure anymore what the Sync icon means

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I went to member manager and he is on the roster.

To Expand - Scout’s Sync - not Unit and Scouts - so once a Scout is synced once that BSA # in in sync and we have seen were they are even in a new unit and all still looks good cause that BSA # is still synced

@JohnPoprac OK so you see him in MM but not in the Roster on Internet Advancement?

@JohnPoprac - then i go back to the green shield thingy (I know… technical term) and I would ask if the scout moved patrols recently or has a leadership position ? I can do a screen share to take a look… email if you wish to do that.

Clearer, but still not materially less concerning. I’ve always depended on the appearance of that sync icon to tell me that the BSA had verified the scout was in our unit, not just that he was somewhere in the system with that BSA ID.

I see him on the roster in IA but without a rank attributed to him. When I click on his name it sends me to a 404 not found page

ok I will drop you a Direct Message to get the info to hand off to team

Advancement Chair here. He is on the roster in Internet Advancement but shows no rank. When I went to enter a merit badge and clicked approve there was an error that stated:

Error Please provide a valid value for [“/0/userid”]

The Scout is Second Class, has several merit badges so this is a new development.

@MarkLavallee & @JohnPoprac - is the scout on the roster when you log into and look at the unit roster there ?

you can also send an email to outlining the issue

Email to support is an option… but perhaps a second set of eyes prior to that may get more inof and perhaps fix it. You can email me and we can take a look.

Yes he is.

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@MarkLavallee - ok… more rambling to make 20 characters. But certainly I would like to help if I can. So entirely up to you guys.