Scout records are gone and does not show his BSA ID after Jan 1, 2022

Dear Sir/ madam ,

We are from Troop 412; Here I need your help to solve two problems:

  1. One of our Scouts was suddenly not showing his BSA ID in our troop rooster so we cannot add or connect him and the scout also said all his previous input data had disappeared. May I know why and how to solve this problem? The scout informed that his record was shown just a few weeks ago but something changed after Jan 1, 2022.

Scout’s BSA ID # 137158128

Name: [name removed by Moderator for privacy]

His Parent BSA ID# 13723010

Father’s name : [name removed by Moderator for privacy]

  1. One of the Adult’s names (one of our Assistant Scoutmaster) is wrong with First and Last names mixed up.

The Adult’s BSA ID #: 13722969

the Adult’s CORRECT NAME: [name removed by Moderator for privacy]

His son’s BSA ID# 137158135

His son’s name: [name removed by Moderator for privacy]

Can you please understand the case and solve the problem for us

looks like mother made an account and stole the BSA # - give us a few to fix this

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@KittyTam ok this should all be fixed now

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thank you for you help, Donovan

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