Scout removed at 2023/2024 recharter still on roster in Scoutbook

I removed a Scout during the July 2023 recharter in, but he still appears on my roster in Scoutbook. I logged into to see if he appeared on my roster there, but he does not appear. I am unable to expire his membership in Scoutbook (though I used to have this capability). How do I remove or expire this Scout in Scoutbook?

There is an issue with expired scouts not coming off of rosters properly. This will be fixed soon and an announcement posted in the change log forum.

Thank you, VERY MUCH, for responding!




A unit admin in Scoutbook should still be able to go to the Scout’s Scoutbook page, click on Scout’s membership, then the membership for the unit. Enter an end date then click Update.

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I am a Unit Admin in Scoutbook. Previously when I had to expire a membership I would do that in a member’s profile.Clicking on the profile brings me to and in this view I am unable to find anything that allows me to set an expiration date. So this feature has either been moved or removed. If you feel the functionality is still there, please tell me where I find that.

@StaceyHaggart In Scoutbook, go to:

[Scout]'s Membership

Click on the current membership with your unit, and then add an end date.

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