Scout showing up in some MB Counselor screens but not others

I’m trying to put into Scoutbook’s “Quick Pick Edit for Merit Badge Counselors” completed requirements for a scout, but for some reason, he isn’t showing up in my list of scouts.

However, when I look at “Quick Entry for Merit Badge Requirements” and “MB in Progress - MBC View” he does show up.

I verified with the scoutmaster that I am assigned as his counselor, and he doesn’t know why the scout shows up in one list, but not the other.

All my other scouts are showing up correctly.

Has anyone run into this issue before? Any thoughts on how to solve it?


Did the Scout previously completed the MB?

If you post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) someone can investigate further.

Thanks Ed,

The scout ID is 108585542. They have not previously completed the merit badge, which is Citizenship in Society.


Has Cit in Society been started in Scoutbook for this scout?

Yes, it has. I had a meeting with a group and did the bulk update just fine. He is just not showing up when I try to update him individually, though. All my other scouts in the merit badge are showing up, though.


Where do you see “Quick Pick Edit for Merit Badge Counselors”? That was the name for an old extension feature that has been retired for some time. I’m guessing you don’t have auto-update on for the extension - I would make sure you get it updated.

–edited - sorry - that IS a native SB function now - LOL - they used the same header text I had in the extension earlier!

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Check your My Connections. See if you see the Scout listed there with that Merit Badge

When I log in via the website on my mobile phone this is what I see.

Do I need to get it updated?

Yes, he is listed with that merit badge under my connections.

Thanks for your help!

And when I go through his profile under my connections, I can edit the merit badge requirements.

He just isn’t listed under the quick pick edit section of my dashboard.

So I can get to what I need at this point. But I’m happy to continue troubleshooting if anyone wants.

Thanks for helping me out, I’m still very green to all of this.

All the best,

@BrianEpstein I have replicated the issue you are seeing and have reported it to the developers. It is happening for Scouts who are over the age of 18 and are registered as Unit participants.

Ah, that totally makes sense! Thank you so much for your help and figuring that out.


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