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Looking for information on why I appear in Scoutbook as Merit Badge Counselor, I appear as a merit badge counselor in my positions, yet when I run the council merit badge counselor report I do NOT appear. Any thoughts???

Member ID 1494330

Perhaps the merit badge counselor registration is through another council. That would cause that behavior without being a bug.

Is this the report from the Roster tool for the council or for the district? You are listed as a MBC for the council so you should appear in the council wide report.

Yes it is the roster tool under unit and district roster both having the same issue. There is only 1 member ID for both of us and only 1 council we are registered in. This is an issue where the names are not appearing on the report.

Bill, Sent photos and documents, Scoutbook is fine there is no issues there it shows fine. Only the My.scouting counselor report.

Nope that is not the problem here.

You are registered as a council MBC. Run the report for the entire council, not just your district and see if you show up for that report.

I will forward your email to the programmers, but that may be the issue here.


All MBCs registered at the Council level should appear in all district reports for that Council. This sounds like a bug to me.

I have seen MBCs in AKELA registered to Districts and others (most) registered to Councils

I am reporting it to the report developers

Thank you for all you do for Scouting!

Is the issue a misunderstanding at the point of data entry?
Merit badge counselors have two forms to complete.

  • The adult application (or equivalent) which assigns the membership registration position code with the position assigned to a district.
  • MBC information form (usually submitted annually) to confirm the range of service and MB badges supported.

For example, I am a special events MBC registered in my district (where I live) to be an MBC at a community event in another district and sometime a different council.

There use to be ScoutNet separate databases which needed to be merged to submit the information to Scoutbook.

I do not know what the Scoutbook developers now have for a MBC dataflow plan for.


A little behind the scenes:

All registrations are kept in a database called Akela. That is the database of record for registrations. This is written to by the my.scouting tools (for example Registrar Tools, Online Registration, etc.)

MBC position registrations are kept in that database.

The MBC position is copied to Scoutbook for searching, connections to Scouts, etc. This is done approximately every 12 hours. It is also needed in Scoutbook to assign approved merit badges to the MBC.

MBCs are approved to counsel certain MBs by the councils. These approved merit badges associations are stored in Scoutbook. Scoutbook is the database of record for the MBs associated with each MBC.

When any report or user interface, either in Scoutbook or my.scouting displays this association, it is looking in Scoutbook for the association, and in Akela (or SB’s copy of the registration) for the registration.

I hope this helps, but doesn’t make it too cloudy.


It really doesn’t matter to you all where the data is stored, as long as the reports and user interfaces are correct. That is why we are here, to support you and to alert IT when something isn’t working correctly.


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