Transfer Scout not showing up on Scoutbook

Hi. Scout transferred within Council. Committee Chair completed transfer through my.scouting. Shows up on my.scouting roster but not on Scoutbook roster.
id is 14841448.
Please advise on what needs to be done.

@JudithJoshua how long ago was the transfer?

@JudithJoshua check back 5CST today - I set up a sync - they will be out of den - Reassign to a Den - then go to connections and Clean old Connections

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Over a week. I am just joining the Pack to help them through a leader transition. But the CC has mentioned this to me for over a week and DE punted to forums.

Thanks. Will check later.

Checked just now. The scout is still not showing up in Scoutbook. Could it be a name or member id issue? The CC said something about getting an incomplete number or different number from the parent. It is all very confusing but I don’t think I can get clearer info from him. He is just frustrated that the scout doesn’t show up. Your help is appreciated.

@JudithJoshua I think the position sync hasn’t happened yet. If you could wait a bit longer.

Yeah sometimes they change times on us - check in morning @JudithJoshua

@JudithJoshua The Scout’s membership is back with the pack.

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I see him. Thank you all for your help!

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