Scout that just bridge to Scouts BSA has several merit badges completed & approved two years ago


I’ve got a scout that just bridged last month and our CC alerted me to the fact that he has 16 merit badges marked complete and leader approved. Obviously, there’s been some error, so I looked at the audit log report. Supposedly, the earliest were earned the same time as some Bear requirements. Was there some error or re-use of requirement Ids? The scout’s Id in Scoutbook is 9744439.

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David Oksner
Advancement Chair
Troop 489

Looks to be entered by old UAC? Go to each MB click the Square for complete. Then you can simple click Remove

Those are the Cub Scout leaders from the time. At least, they’re the same people who marked all of the Cub Scout Requirements complete.

I would have thought it would be advantageous to find out what happened in case it’s happening to others.


@DavidOksner - if the prior leaders made the entry then it would seem to be a user error rather than a system error.

First guess is it was an upload file that ran like 3 times. It is being investigated - but you can clear it

I don’t see how it should even be possible for a Bear Cub Scout to have a Scouts BSA Merit Badge marked completed and approved.

Thank you. I’ll hold off on deleting things until the investigation can be conducted. There’s no hurry just yet.

I have confirmed that cub scouts can “earn” merit badges via the internet advancement file upload. Was your unit previously using a 3rd party advancement tracking software?

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First of all, it wasn’t our unit, it was the cub unit. But I was previously part of that unit and they’ve been using Scoutbook since I set them up on it around 2019. I spoke to the Cub Unit Advancement Chair last night (her son bridged to our troop) and she assures me that she never saw anything regarding Merit Badges. It was all cub requirements.

And someone at our council already removed the entries, so we may never know how it happened. :man_shrugging:

I guess this may as well get closed.

Isn’t the policy that Once they are signed off, they are signed off?
Eagle at 12. Just fast track the kid.
Maybe he went with someone older to a merit badge day (Buy a MB).
Kid will be the envy of the Troop.
Definitely can use that for recruiting.

Sorry, but there are just so many fun ways this could go.

That would definitely be the fast track! :wink:

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