Scout Transfer from other Council

I have a scout that is transferring in from another council. How do I go about getting them invited to our unit? I tried to transfer them with DOB & Scout number but it didn’t work. They also tried to do it by logging into the parent’s account however their son doesn’t show up as an applicant on their account.

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For cross council transfers, they should be using

ok so they need to fill out a new application and mark as a transfer?


Correct, either online at or with a paper app. The must use the same name and DOB as is currently registered for the system to properly match the accounts. The Scout will be assigned a new BSA Member ID in the new council.

Great, thank you for your help!

When using beascout, one of the questions is whether they are currently registered. Saying yes gives them a chance to search for their scout and should save them from repaying the national fees (or a proration of them if recharter dates don’t align).