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Scout User ID is incorrect

I have another one of these if you could help with it.

My son set up his myscouting login a few months ago when the system changed. When he set it up, it gave him a new BSA number that was assigned to another council. We live in a town where some of it in in the Dan Beard Council and some of it is in the Miami Valley Council. He now doesn’t have access to Scoutbook.

Correct: BSA #132528716 Dan Beard Council
Incorrect set up in my.scouting.org: BSA #13754434 assigned to Miami Valley Council


Your son can fix this himself. He can log into his my.scouting.org account, go to Menu → Manage Member ID then set his primary ID to 132528716. The next time he logs into Scoutbook, he will be taken to his original Scoutbook account.

I get this error whe I try that
“The provided Member ID does not match the existing user profile.”

Sounds like his name or date of birth are different between them. He may need to go to my profile in my.scouting.org to change his name to match his official registration before using manage member ID.

Yes, his DOB is different on the two member IDs. This is what is preventing him from adding the 2nd MID. One has a day of 19, the other 12. The month and year matches on each BSA Member ID.

That is it. Should be 12th. Doesn’t look like I have the ability to change that.

I think the only way to fix that is via your council registrar.

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