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Scout User ID is incorrect

One of our Scouts has lost the ability to see her advancement records in SB. I can see her records and her correct member ID in my role as Scoutmaster, but when she logs in, it has a different member ID and does not show any of her information (advancements, membership, etc.). Any ideas on how to get it fixed on her end?

post the 2 MIDs and we can take a look


Incorrect ID: 13620551 (the one she sees on her login)
Correct ID: 136544599

Looks Like she made herself a my.scouting.org account with a name variation today - I will clean it up

solved for her she should be able to sign in with Harmeowny username

Thank you! I’ve reached out to the Scout to confirm she’s good to go. Since you have been so Helpful, can I raise two more things I’ve just been living with?

  1. We have a Scout in SB twice- member ID 12978741 but with two different user IDs.

  2. This one we’ve been trying to solve for 2 years and have never gotten anywhere… our troop (1923 G, Del-mar-va Council) is in SB twice… the “correct” one we’ve been using has the patrols set up and no tax ID in the “edit troop” field, the “incorrect” one does not have patrols set up and has the correct tax ID in the “edit troop” field. We’ve been through support multiple times trying to get this fixed but have had no luck.

#2 - why not go to right troop . edit unit . add the tax number?

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Done. For some reason I never thought of just adding in the tax number. Just did that, but we still see the two troops and it gets confusing.

@PatrickKaser so you are all in the other one too? just go end the memberships

@PatrickKaser go pull Scout History reports for the 2 accounts for the Scout before I merge them please

Question on ending the memberships- how do I do that? (Scouts have the same member and user IDs in both “troops” so I don’t want to mess something up.

Scout history reports- just to confirm, you mean the “Scouts BSA History” under “Reports”, correct? I have just pulled those so that is done.

looking at the double unit - asking some people - will get back to you on that

If they are in their patrols on the correct one, the patrol name should show up in that membership.

Scout with 2 UserIDs is fixed

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Thank you- this has all been incredibly helpful in working through issues. Really appreciate it.

Update: removed one scout from the duplicate troop by ending her membership, and it dropped the connection in the “primary troop” as well. So even though the two troops look different, any action taken on a Scout in the duplicate impacts the primary unit as well. So now I need to figure out how to restore my connection to that Scout.

Never mind on the restored connections- I remembered I can just refresh that as a Unit Admin. But- it removes one potential solution for the duplicate troop, as I can’t just end the memberships there.

Actually, the refresh did not restore her to the duplicate troop… but I’m not sure I want to go through 30 people, end their memberships in the duplicate troop, and refresh the connections in the connect troop to restore them there… unless that’s the only way to do it.

hold off on dupes developers are looking at it

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